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Upcoming Workshops and Trainings

February 24th & 25th, 2018

Event ImageCultivating Presence and Well-Being:
An Urban Retreat of Mindful Drumming, Photography and Meditation

February 24th & 25th    9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m

Join us for an urban retreat where we will explore mindful drumming, photography and meditation to see life from different perspectives and to cultivate presence, resiliency and self-compassion. With presence and self-compassion we can learn to develop greater trust in our ability to move through challenging transitions with greater ease, while feeling energized, calm, and centered. Drumming increases vitality, connection, well being and enhances positive relationships. Photography, practiced as mindful seeing, promotes attention regulation, perception of new perspectives and flexible responsiveness to ourselves and to others. This retreat will include (weather permitting) time and practices in the surrounding outdoors, where the beauty of urban nature can support our cultivation of presence, connection, and wellbeing. 


Where: Centre for MindBody Health (CMBH)
             250 Eglinton Avenue West, Suite 200
Facilitator: Dr. Shari Geller
Fee: $400 if registered by Feb 2nd, 2018
        $450 if registered after Feb 2nd, 2018

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Email completed registration form and etransfer registration fee to: Camilla@sharigeller.ca
For more information please email Camilla@sharigeller.ca

October 27th, 28th & 29th, 2017

Event ImageCultivating Presence and Self-Care with Music & Mindfulness: Promoting Harmony, Resilience & Well-Being

Medical Psychotherapy Association Canada
2017 Fall Retreat

Join us for a connected weekend retreat, especially formulated for health
professionals, for cultivating presence, building resilience and promoting
rejuvenation with music and mindfulness. This retreat offers innovative tools for self-care. Together we will explore mindful drumming, photography and meditation to see life from different perspectives and to cultivate presence and resiliency.

With presence and self-care we can develop greater trust in our ability to move
through stress and challenging situations with greater ease, while feeling
energized, calm, and centered.


This is a closed event for MDPAC members.

November 16th & 17th, 2017

Event ImageStrengthening Your Music Therapy Practice: Cultivating Presence & Self-Care with Therapeutic Rhythm & Mindfulness

American Music Therapy Association 2017 Conference

In this workshop, participants will gain an experiential understanding of therapeutic presence within the Therapeutic Rhythm and Mindfulness (TRMTM) program.

Therapeutic presence (TP) is the foundation for positive therapeutic relationships and effective therapy.  Twenty years of research on the art and science of TP has led to a model that provides the groundwork for accessing presence in the moment.  TP involves music therapists being grounded in an authentic relationship in which they are fully present, highly attuned, and sensitively responsive to their clients’ experience. Being present and attuned creates a neurophysiological experience of safety for clients, which is both co-regulating for clients’ distress and facilitates healing. The skillful cultivation of presence also helps to sustain vitality, connection, and effectiveness and supports movement towards emotional health and neurophysiological integration for both clients and therapists.

This workshop will provide an experience of (TRMTM) to strengthen presence for music therapists with clients as well as support their own resiliency and self-care. An empirically validated model of TP will be offered, and rhythm and mindfulness modalities will be experienced to cultivate aspects of this essential quality. Rhythm modalities offer a fun and expressive way of increasing positive emotions while releasing bodily held stress.  Incorporating mindfulness offers tools to be with what emerges in the present, with acceptance and compassion. There will also be take home practices for cultivating presence with and for clients, colleagues, students, and for music therapist’s personal wellbeing.


Where: St. Louis, Union Station Hotel, MO

Presenter: Dr. Shari Geller

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NEW DATES: May 22nd - May 25th, 2018

Event ImageTherapeutic Rhythm and Mindfulness (TRM™) Professional Facilitator Training Program

The TRM™ facilitator training is launching in partnership with The University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies May 2018!

Therapeutic Rhythm and Mindfulness (TRM™) is an innovative program that integrates evidence-based treatments of group drumming, mindfulness, and emotional reflection in a positive and safe group atmosphere. TRM™ is designed to enhance vitality, joy and well-being, social connectedness and mindful awareness, and reduce anxiety, depression, and fatigue.


TRM™ workshops are applicable to a wide population of participants: health care professionals both for cultivating presence and for self care, educators, parents, team-building for corporate groups and anyone interested in cultivating presence in their professional and/or personal lives and relationships.

This Therapeutic Rhythm and Mindfulness Profession Facilitator Training is offered as a four day training. The first full-day core module introduces the foundational tools of TRM™, including therapeutic presence, mindfulness, and rhythm instruments. The second three-day module is focused on intensive training in effective facilitation and the TRM™ protocol.

What You’ll Learn:
• Learn an emperically validated model of therapeutic presence and theory ofrelationship
• Neuro-underpinnings of therapeutic presence, establishing safety in group facilitation
• Understand foundational practices of TRM™
• Experience personal instruction on meditation, rhythm instruments, and the basis of    effective group facilitation, including cultivating therapeutic presence
• Cultivate skills in effective facilitation and the TRM™ protocol.
• Each participant will receive an extensive and detailed manual outlining the principles    and protocol of the TRM™ program.
• Integrate and build experience by facilitating a TRM™ group in your community with    consultation


Where: The University of Toronto
             St. George Campus
Facilitator: Dr. Shari Geller

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